Splitgate developer says the Splitgate is only about 25 percent complete

Splitgate has really catapulted to success over the past few weeks. Despite having a remarkable beta that resulted in the game remaining indefinitely open, the developer 1047 Games has even launched its first season, bringing a bunch of new cosmetics and goodies to earn. But, this is barely even scraping the surface of what the developer has planned.

"The scope of what we can do is now through the roof," said Proulx. "There’s so much we couldn’t think about because we were a tiny team with a tiny budget, but now everything is on the table. We’re focusing on the long term — I look at the game as being 25% done. We don’t need to be Fortnite tomorrow, but now it really is about building the next Riot Games, the next big games business."

In terms of what you can expect in the future, Proulx notes that skins, characters, and maps will be added to the game frequently, and 1047 Games intends to go on something of a hiring spree, aiming at recruiting more game designers so Splitgate can enjoy more modes in the future. That'll please the 13 million-plus people that have downloaded the game, no doubt.

After all that success, on September 14, 1047 Games announced that it had successfully raised $100 million from a bunch of venture capital investors.

With this money, Proulx says the team can now just focus on making the game they (and the community) want to make. He also added that since 2019, a small group of players have stuck around and provided feedback, and Proulx believes that continuing to listen to players is the key to building the Splitgate into something bigger and better.

It's safe to say that 1047 has some pretty big ambitions thanks to the success of Splitgate. Looking at the game, there has been no mention as to when it will officially leave its beta state and enter 1.0, but speaking about the future, Proloux did tell TechCrunch, "We're still operating like the indie team that had to stay close with our community. We're still in that mindset. But now we just have a ridiculous amount of money."

Splitgate was set to launch properly back July on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. But 1047 Games delayed the full Splitgate launch until August thanks to the immense popularity of the game, where the title saw more than 10m downloads in under 30 days.

Whether you've played it yourself or heard about its recent popularity, there's no denying that Splitgate is a good time. What'll be interesting to see is whether the impending launch of FPS juggernaut Halo Infinite will have an impact on its playerbase.

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