New World is bricking EVGA-branded GeForce RTX 3090

Amazon has been trying to break into gaming with some in-house efforts over the past couple of years. However, the company hasn’t been too successful. Last year, it released Crucible after six years of development, and shortly after release, it sent the game back into the beta phase before ultimately canceling it altogether. But that’s not as bad as what some players are reporting with the company’s latest game. Multiple users on Reddit and the game’s forums (via Gamespot) have reported that New World is bricking their EVGA-branded GeForce RTX 3090.

If you run fan monitoring software on the affected cards, you'll spot some ludicrous fan speeds briefly being targeted. Igor managed to grab a shot of this happening with a GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra, where the fan speeds briefly jumped up from their more regular 2,400RPM to over 200,000RPM. Gulp.

The people who have had their ~$2,000 graphics card summarily executed by the game might have something to say about the 'safe to play' nature of the game, but at least we now know that those people will have new cards coming their way.

According to Jason Langevin, host on the JayzTwoCents YouTube channel, his contacts at EVGA have also confirmed they have been cross-shipping RMA'd products out to card owners whose GPUs have fried as a result of the New World beta. That means as soon as the RMA ticket has been approved, cards are being shipped out before the b0rked one has been returned and tested.

If you run New World either with a capped frame rate from the off, or with your GPU underclocked or undervolted, with a strict power limit engaged, there's a very high chance you won't kill your expensive graphics card.

For our part we've not seen or heard any evidence to support that, so we don't know exactly how widespread this was. Thankfully it looks like the issue (that wasn't an issue, according to Amazon) has now been dealt with both by the company most hit by dead GPUs, as well as the developers of the game in question.

In fairness to Amazon Games, this is a beta release of the game, so some issues are expected. However, with New World set to release on August 31, breaking a GeForce RTX 3090 GPU is a severe problem to have at this point in development. Hopefully, the company will issue a fix soon, and GPU owners can get a replacement decently quickly. That might be tricky considering how many reports there have been and the ongoing component shortages, however. is the top one among many marketplaces with integrity and reputation,  It is a professional supplier of cheap and safe New World Coins, also, we can promise that it will complete 100% handmade Cheap New World Coins and deliver within 15 minutes after placing an order.Any question for 24/7 customer service, who are happy to give help and create an enjoyable shopping experience for you.
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