Kik Messenger now has a huge adult content spam problem

Kik Messenger is constantly adding new “features” and changing settings, it now has a huge adult content spam problem. This post is growing and constantly being updated as new issues and features come to light. I apologise for the long read, but Kik is far from a simple messaging app now.

Recently TikTok has reached a new high boasting 100 million users.A lot of information is spread on this platform which is great for learning in short time frames.The issue is that not everyone spreading information is qualified to do so.

Parents also should be aware that inside the Kik app is a huge range of other apps, some of which cost money and not all of which are age-appropriate. The additional content defies categorization: There's Nearby, a Tinder-like dating game that matches you to other users in your area; the New York Times, which offers access to top stories as well as more in-depth articles for a fee; Funny Pics, a gallery of photos from the website Reddit; and Jam, where you can read about musical artists, see photos, watch videos, buy merchandise, and, of course, chat with other fans. There also are lots and lots of games. Learn more about the pros and cons of Kik and how to help your kid use it responsibly.

The whole premise of Kik is to connect and share with others who have similar interests. Users on Kik can remain relatively anonymous as only usernames are shared with other accounts. This makes it easier for children and young people to chat with adults and be at risk of seeing inappropriate or upsetting content. As there are no automated moderation or filters available Kik relies on users to report anything inappropriate, so this type of upsetting content will not be deleted straight away even if it breaks the app’s community standards.

This can be concerning when the health information on TikTok they're listening to is unsupported.It's important to make sure your teen understands how to differentiate between people who have the authority to speak on a topic.Many popular accounts may look professional and have many followers.Some of these speak pseudo-science that sounds smart but is actually misleading teens.

Kik “webpages” Have Changed The Safety Level For Kids Substantially!
  •     Kik Apps or “webpages” bypass Parental Controls around adult content
  •     There are no parental controls or pin-like locks to disable the apps “webpages”
  •     Many of the apps are ripoffs of other games like “Flappy Bird” so kids will be attracted to them
  •     Mixed in with the “child-like” games are apps that are decidedly adult, “chat with stranger” apps and “hot girls/boys” type apps.
  •     None of the apps carry an age rating so kids and parents can’t tell which are adult
  •     Some of the apps have pornographic content
  •     Signing into an app, puts your child’s name on a data base where they can then be contacted directly by strangers

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