FIFA 21, the SBC Milinkovic-Savic Headliners Challenge,The Solutions!

EA Sports has released a new Headliners SBC for Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, and we’ve got all the info including requirements, stats, solutions, and more you need to unlock it quickly and easily.

Headliners released early in FIFA 21 confusing some fans. Most expected the coveted Team of the Year promotion to follow Freeze. They were upset to see Headliners follow especially considering the team released. Fans desperately want this promotion to wrap quickly as they've been saving packs for weeks for Team of the Year.

Milinkovic-Savic Headliners SBC price & solution
There are two different Squad Building Challenges you have to complete in order to unlock Savic’s new card, called Lazio and Serie A TIM. Altogether they should run you around 160,000 to 180,000 FUT Coins to complete, depending on your platform.

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a pack as a reward for completing each of the requirements, which are all listed below:


    Number of players from Lazio: Min 1
    In Form Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 82
    Team Chemistry: Min 80
    Number of players in the Squad: 11
    Reward: 1 Premium Electrum Players Pack

Serie A TIM

    Number of players from Serie A TIM: Min 1
    In Form Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 85
    Team Chemistry: Min 75
    Number of players in the Squad: 11
    Reward: 1 Prime Electrum Players Pack

Milinkovic-Savic Headliners SBC solutions
Be sure to check back soon as we’ll be updating this story with solutions to each of the requirements above as soon as they become available. To make things even easier, none of them will require any loyalty or position change cards to complete.

If you want to knock out this SBC and claim the 88-OVR Serb for yourself, you have a week (7 days) until Sunday, January 10 to do so.

So is it worth it?
As it is a dynamic card, there is a chance that it will get quite a few upgrades and camouflage its lack of speed. But given its current characteristics, Milinkovic-Savic Headliners is only worth it for very specific playing styles. And it is a card that we do not recommend to the vast majority of users, due to its annoying weaknesses and because in Serie A we find alternatives that better fit the goal of FIFA 21.

It would only be interesting if their qualities are so useful to your attack that you are willing to put up with their flaws. It could be valuable if you play slowly, dominate matches, prefer to pass rather than dribble, and your MC arrives at the opponent's area frequently. Also if you take advantage of the exquisite attendees very well. And in a scheme like 4-1-2-1-2 (2) would be where it would work best, since he would have enough freedom to take advantage of his offensive resources.

This completes the guide dedicated to this group of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team challenges.If you want more information, please click fifa mobile coins.
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