4Story Origin has been postponed to a date, not yet specified, after July this year

It is the age of dispute where Iveria is torn apart by two rivaling kingdoms. Many have fled to Broa to start yet another kingdom. You, the player will start from the third kingdom Broa, and make your way to Defugel or Craxion, the kingdoms in dispute, to solve their differences.

4Story Origin, an open world MMO with various PvP systems, is an Action RPG consisting of 3 races, 6 classes and various seamless maps. Players will wonder in the wild to fight monsters and enemy nation players and loot the area to fit themselves to find yet another challenges.

Zemi Interactive announced on its social network that the launch of 4Story Origin has been postponed to a date, not yet specified, after July this year.

According to the studio, the decision to postpone the title was made so that new features are added to the game. This is the second time that the title release has been postponed, and therefore, the announcement ended up displeasing several fans of the title.

Developer Zemi Interactive promises to bring a new version to Steam of its classic MMORPG 4Story released in Brazil in 2010. Called 4Story Origin, everyone expected the title to be a remastered version, but from the trailer it looks like this is just a version for Steam.

  •     Territory Wars - At certain times each and every day, a ‘territory war’ will break out between two rival kingdoms. Fight in these wars for your kingdom, and if you can control of the territory, your kingdom’s players will have access to more adventure locations and more opportunities to find treasures.
  •     Enormous Quests - 4Story comes complete with a grand main quest line, along with myriad sub and hidden quests.
  •     Hidden Secrets - Within each quest are clues to finding a hidden, secret quest, an adventure-within-an-adventure, waiting for heroes to take the challenge of finding them.
  •     Legendary Weapons - Many of the weapons in 4Story are graded ‘F’ to ‘SSS’. These weapons can level with your character, and be upgraded to a maximum level of 24. Not only that, but the legendary options for these weapons may be transferred to other like weapons.
  •     R.S.T.S (Real-time Strategic Command System) - 4Story allows players to command up to 48 others, and is made possible by the unique R.S.T.S. system. Simply by using the minimap, a commander can monitor a real-time battle and fluidly issue orders just with mouse clicks.
  •     Mounts - Mounts are almost always a more viable means of travel, and 4Story has them in abundance, from slow, easy-going mounts, to those that are as fast as the winds.

When Will 4Story Origin Be Released?
Unfortunately, there is no information about the release date about the new MMORPG game in 4Story. I do not know if the new MMORPG game will be released as soon as 2020, but there are also those who have predicted this way. I follow Zemi Interactive and the communities close to it very closely. You can follow 4Story new MMORPG gameplay, 4Story Origin guide and 4Story Origin review from here very soon. See you until that day comes!

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